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File : newtarget_clear_80sec_bin2_2017aug12_jessica.d.kenney_ .fits
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Object: newtarget
Filter: clear
FileDate: 2017-08-12T11:35:48
RA: 20:29:37.73
Dec: -05:28:03.3
Detector: ProLine_PL230
Observer: jessica.d.kenney
Exposure Time: 80.0

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Keyword Value Comment
SIMPLE True conforms to FITS standard
BITPIX -64 array data type
NAXIS 2 number of array dimensions
NAXIS1 1024
NAXIS2 1024
DEWTEM1 -20.0 dewar temperature (C)
DARKTIME 100.0 time since last read (seconds)
PIXSIZE1 15.0 pixel size for axis 1 (microns)
PIXSIZE2 15.0 pixel size for axis 2 (microns)
TELESCOP 0.5meter
OBSLONG -122.504 east longitude in degrees
OBSLAT 38.2887 latitude in degrees
ELEVATIO 60 elevation in meters
TELSCALE 51.5 arc-seconds/mm
ROTATOR 39.0 degrees
OBSERVER jessica.d.kenney
RA 20:29:37.73
DEC -05:28:03.3
COMMENT Original key: "EQUINOX"
_QUINOX 2017.612
HA -00:10:24 hh:mm:ss
AIRMASS 1.39 secant z
DOMEAZ 168.8 degrees
TRAKHA 15.0469 arc-sec/second
TRAKDEC -0.0174 arc-sec/second
TELFOCUS 4948.0 mm
HUMIDITY 0 RH percent
WINDSPEE 0 in m/s
WINDDIR 0 true azimuth in degrees
OAT 20.0 outside air temperature (C)
BAROM 1000.0 barometric pressure (mBar)
AMBIENT 16.9 Lower truss North (C)
PRIMARY 18.7 Primary mirror cell (C)
SECONDAR 18.6 Outside ring (C)
CLOUD 0.18 cloud coverage (0-1)
FILTER clear
SLIT open
COMMENT Original key: "CRPIX1"
_RPIX1 512.0
COMMENT Original key: "CRPIX2"
_RPIX2 512.0
COMMENT Original key: "CTYPE1"
COMMENT Original key: "CTYPE2"
COMMENT Original key: "CRVAL1"
_RVAL1 307.407208
COMMENT Original key: "CRVAL2"
_RVAL2 -5.467583
COMMENT Original key: "CD1_1"
_D1_1 -0.0004295833
COMMENT Original key: "CD1_2"
_D1_2 5.260879e-20
COMMENT Original key: "CD2_2"
_D2_2 -0.0004295833
COMMENT Original key: "CD2_1"
_D2_1 -5.260879e-20
EXPTIME 80.0 ACTUAL exposure time (seconds)
SHUTTER open camera shutter
TIMESYS UTC approximate
DATE-OBS 2017-08-12T07:05:32
UT 07:05:32 shutter opening time
MJD-OBS 57977.2955093 MJD of observation start
MJDHDR 57977.2964468 MJD of header creation
LSTHDR 20:20:35 LST of header creation
OBJECT newtarget
PRODTYPE biasdarkflat Product Type
PIPEVERS 1_1_1 Pipeline Version
FILENAME newtarget_clear_80sec_bin2_2017aug12_jessica.d.kenney_num39_seo.BDF.fits
DATE 2017-08-12T11:35:48
HISTORY Reduced: AddKeys v0.1 2017-08-12_11:35:38
HISTORY CONFIG: /data/scripts/DataReduction/pipeconf_stonedge_auto.txt
COMMENT Original key: "END"
COMMENT --Start of WCS solution--
COMMENT --Put in by the new-wcs program--
WCSAXES 2 no comment
CTYPE1 RA---TAN-SIP TAN (gnomic) projection + SIP distortions
CTYPE2 DEC--TAN-SIP TAN (gnomic) projection + SIP distortions
EQUINOX 2000.0 Equatorial coordinates definition (yr)
LONPOLE 180.0 no comment
LATPOLE 0.0 no comment
CRVAL1 307.277224853 RA of reference point
CRVAL2 -5.5717847931 DEC of reference point
CRPIX1 324.950637817 X reference pixel
CRPIX2 562.163208008 Y reference pixel
CUNIT1 deg X pixel scale units
CUNIT2 deg Y pixel scale units
CD1_1 -0.000425954891528 Transformation matrix
CD1_2 5.18183298074e-05 no comment
CD2_1 -5.18260312055e-05 no comment
CD2_2 -0.000426158841333 no comment
IMAGEW 1024 Image width, in pixels.
IMAGEH 1024 Image height, in pixels.
A_ORDER 2 Polynomial order, axis 1
A_0_0 0 no comment
A_0_1 0 no comment
A_0_2 -1.26823865439e-08 no comment
A_1_0 0 no comment
A_1_1 1.15801193834e-07 no comment
A_2_0 -3.17833672478e-07 no comment
B_ORDER 2 Polynomial order, axis 2
B_0_0 0 no comment
B_0_1 0 no comment
B_0_2 -3.44007709441e-07 no comment
B_1_0 0 no comment
B_1_1 -3.33273000894e-07 no comment
B_2_0 -2.86030258353e-07 no comment
AP_ORDER 2 Inv polynomial order, axis 1
AP_0_0 -4.38651634853e-06 no comment
AP_0_1 -7.30765042601e-09 no comment
AP_0_2 1.26794438588e-08 no comment
AP_1_0 7.0733054019e-09 no comment
AP_1_1 -1.15853242713e-07 no comment
AP_2_0 3.1793557825e-07 no comment
BP_ORDER 2 Inv polynomial order, axis 2
BP_0_0 -9.18205250218e-06 no comment
BP_0_1 6.48013473744e-08 no comment
BP_0_2 3.44029879833e-07 no comment
BP_1_0 5.23878521708e-08 no comment
BP_1_1 3.33371630126e-07 no comment
BP_2_0 2.86168386306e-07 no comment
HISTORY Created by the suite.
HISTORY For more details, see
HISTORY Git revision 0.70
HISTORY Git date Wed_Dec_7_11:52:34_2016_-0500
HISTORY This WCS header was created by the program "blind".
HISTORY Reduced: astrometrica v0.2 2017-08-12_11:35:48
HISTORY astrometrica: astrocmd=/data/scripts/astrometry/install/bin/solve-field
HISTORY --batch --no-plots --overwrite --continue --skip-solved --index-xyls no
HISTORY ne --axy none --temp-axy --solved none --match none --rdls none --corr n
HISTORY one --pnm none --downsample 2 --scale-units arcsecperpix --guess-scale %
HISTORY s --out %s
HISTORY astrometrica: verbose=True
HISTORY astrometrica: delete_temp=True
HISTORY PipeMode = stoneedge
HISTORY BIAS: /data/images/StoneEdge/0.5meter/2017/2017-08-11/bias/bias_clear_0.
HISTORY 1sec_bin2_mcnowinski_2017Aug11_02h26m04s_num0000_t87sP0FS_seo.fits
HISTORY DARK: /data/images/StoneEdge/0.5meter/2017/2017-08-11/dark/dark_clear_12
HISTORY 0sec_bin2_mcnowinski_2017Aug11_02h52m12s_num0000_1bftY4di_seo.fits
HISTORY FLAT: /data/images/StoneEdge/0.5meter/2017/2017-08-11/flat/flat_clear_bi
HISTORY n2_1sec_mcnowinski_2017Aug11_03h40m43s_num0000_MyGtfjGS_seo.fits
HISTORY Reduced: biasdarkflat v0.1 2017-08-12_11:35:48
HISTORY biasdarkflat: reload=False
HISTORY biasdarkflat: biasfile=/data/images/StoneEdge/0.5meter/2017/*/bias/bias
HISTORY *.fits
HISTORY biasdarkflat: bkupbias=bkupbiasfolder/*.fits
HISTORY biasdarkflat: biasfitkeys=['DATE-OBS', 'XBIN']
HISTORY biasdarkflat: daterange=0.5
HISTORY biasdarkflat: darkfile=/data/images/StoneEdge/0.5meter/2017/*/dark/dark
HISTORY *.fits
HISTORY biasdarkflat: bkupdark=bkupdarkfolder/*.fits
HISTORY biasdarkflat: darkfitkeys=['XBIN', 'DATE-OBS', 'EXPTIME']
HISTORY biasdarkflat: flatfile=/data/images/StoneEdge/0.5meter/2017/*/flat/flat
HISTORY *.fits
HISTORY biasdarkflat: bkupflat=bkupflatfolder/*.fits
HISTORY biasdarkflat: flatfitkeys=['XBIN', 'FILTER', 'DATE-OBS']
COMMENT Original WCS key: "DATE"
_ATE 2017-08-12T11:35:48 Date this file was created.
COMMENT -- blind solver parameters: --
COMMENT Index(0):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-11.fits
COMMENT Index(1):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-10.fits
COMMENT Index(2):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-09.fits
COMMENT Index(3):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-08.fits
COMMENT Index(4):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-07.fits
COMMENT Index(5):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-06.fits
COMMENT Index(6):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-05.fits
COMMENT Index(7):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-04.fits
COMMENT Index(8):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-03.fits
COMMENT Index(9):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-02.fits
COMMENT Index(10):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-01.fits
COMMENT Index(11):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4207-00.fits
COMMENT Index(12):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-47.fits
COMMENT Index(13):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-46.fits
COMMENT Index(14):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-45.fits
COMMENT Index(15):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-44.fits
COMMENT Index(16):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-43.fits
COMMENT Index(17):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-42.fits
COMMENT Index(18):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-41.fits
COMMENT Index(19):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-40.fits
COMMENT Index(20):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-39.fits
COMMENT Index(21):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-38.fits
COMMENT Index(22):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-37.fits
COMMENT Index(23):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-36.fits
COMMENT Index(24):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-35.fits
COMMENT Index(25):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-34.fits
COMMENT Index(26):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-33.fits
COMMENT Index(27):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-32.fits
COMMENT Index(28):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-31.fits
COMMENT Index(29):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-30.fits
COMMENT Index(30):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-29.fits
COMMENT Index(31):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-28.fits
COMMENT Index(32):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-27.fits
COMMENT Index(33):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-26.fits
COMMENT Index(34):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-25.fits
COMMENT Index(35):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-24.fits
COMMENT Index(36):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-23.fits
COMMENT Index(37):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-22.fits
COMMENT Index(38):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-21.fits
COMMENT Index(39):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-20.fits
COMMENT Index(40):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-19.fits
COMMENT Index(41):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-18.fits
COMMENT Index(42):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-17.fits
COMMENT Index(43):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-16.fits
COMMENT Index(44):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-15.fits
COMMENT Index(45):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-14.fits
COMMENT Index(46):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-13.fits
COMMENT Index(47):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-12.fits
COMMENT Index(48):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-11.fits
COMMENT Index(49):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-10.fits
COMMENT Index(50):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-09.fits
COMMENT Index(51):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-08.fits
COMMENT Index(52):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-07.fits
COMMENT Index(53):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-06.fits
COMMENT Index(54):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-05.fits
COMMENT Index(55):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-04.fits
COMMENT Index(56):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-03.fits
COMMENT Index(57):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-02.fits
COMMENT Index(58):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-01.fits
COMMENT Index(59):
COMMENT /data/scripts/astrometry/install/data/index-4201-00.fits
COMMENT Field name: /tmp/tmp.axy.f1i5sH
COMMENT Field scale lower: 1.53103 arcsec/pixel
COMMENT Field scale upper: 1.56196 arcsec/pixel
COMMENT X col name: X
COMMENT Y col name: Y
COMMENT Start obj: 40
COMMENT End obj: 50
COMMENT Solved_in: (null)
COMMENT Solved_out: (null)
COMMENT Solvedserver: (null)
COMMENT Parity: 2
COMMENT Codetol: 0.01
COMMENT Verify pixels: 1 pix
COMMENT Maxquads: 0
COMMENT Maxmatches: 0
COMMENT Cpu limit: 300.000000 s
COMMENT Time limit: 0 s
COMMENT Total time limit: 0 s
COMMENT Total CPU limit: 300.000000 s
COMMENT Tweak: yes
COMMENT Tweak AB order: 2
COMMENT Tweak ABP order: 2
COMMENT -- properties of the matching quad: --
COMMENT index id: 4201
COMMENT index healpix: 30
COMMENT index hpnside: 2
COMMENT log odds: 580.364
COMMENT odds: 1.11881e+252
COMMENT quadno: 1565862
COMMENT stars: 2633534,2632893,2633531,2633533
COMMENT field: 8,22,44,15
COMMENT code error: 0.00380611
COMMENT nmatch: 469
COMMENT nconflict: 0
COMMENT nfield: 582
COMMENT nindex: 879
COMMENT scale: 1.54511 arcsec/pix
COMMENT parity: 1
COMMENT quads tried: 1
COMMENT quads matched: 2
COMMENT quads verified: 0
COMMENT objs tried: 45
COMMENT cpu time: 0.002
COMMENT --End of WCS--
COMMENT --(Put in by the new-wcs program)--