Rules To Posting

Posting on the Blog:

To post on the blog, upload your picture and post it as described below.

How to upload a picture correctly:

  1. Make a directory

    1. Load the blog and log in. That should show you the 'Serendipity Administration Suite'.

    2. Go to 'Manage directories' on the left bar under 'Media'.

    3. Click 'Create new directory'

    4. Enter the name your directory after the image you took. Click 'Create directory'.

  2. Upload the images

    1. Go to 'Add media' on the left bar under 'Media'.

    2. Upload 5 - 8 pictures to the folder you made:

      1. The actual JPEG/PNG you want to show off

      2. The 3-5 FITS files that you used (U/G/R/I/Z or others)

      3. The dark file

      4. A flat file (optional)

    3. Select your directory under 'Store inside the following directory'.

    4. Press 'Go!'

  3. Check that your image uploaded properly

    1. Click this link.

      1. The link will bring you to the uploads folder.

    2. Find the folder you made for your images. If you made a folder called M74, you click M74.

    3. Check the folder's contents and make sure all the images you wanted are right where you want them.

How to post correctly

How to add a post:

  1. Load the blog and log in. That should show you the 'Serendipity Administration Suite'.

  2. Go to 'New Entry' under 'Entries' on the left sidebar.

  3. Enter the title of your article on the 'Title' line.

  4. Go to the entry body and add an image using the 'Manage Images' button on the editor bar.***

  5. Click on the box for the extended body, then follow the template for the extended body.

When you post to this blog, FOLLOW AND EDIT this template (which is copy-paste-able).


Above Image: <Name of object>
Author: <your name here>
Date Processed: <date that you processed the image from fits image> 
Image Processor: <the image processor you used>

Observer: <observer's name>
Date Observed: <date that the observer observed the image>
Telescope: <stoneedge 20, yerkes 24, or yerkes 41>
Exposure Time: <Exposure time observer used>
Filters: <(U/G/R/I/Z or others)>

Comments: <whatever comments you wanna add. This is up to you, so go nuts.>

Image Posting Notes:

  • When you add the image, make sure you select "display this as a link to this url:" so that people can click on it.

    • When doing this, delete the file name in front of the last forward slash in the text box that shows a link to it.

      • If it says '/blog/uploads/TrifidNebula/TrifidNebulaBETTER.png' take out the 'TrifidNebulaBETTER.png' part of it so it reads '/blog/uploads/TrifidNebula'.

  • You have to make the image a certain size so it fits in the blog without getting all cut out.

    • I think 512x512 is a good size, but make it smaller if you can't see some of it. 

    • You can do that right in the browser by clicking the / looking arrow next to your picture. (WHERE IS THAT I CAN'T FIND IT)

    • Or you can do it on gimp, photoshop or paint.

    • Or to change the image size, click on 'Toggle HTML Source'. Then, in the bigger image tab, it states the widths and heights. You can edit the width and height.

Raki Dawis